From increasing morale to encouraging competition, incentive wellness retreats and challenges benefit the bottom line and your team’s wellbeing.

Work culture has greatly evolved it the rise of the Millenial workforce and modern theories about employer-employee interaction, the nature of the workplace-employee relationship, and employee motivation has all become more progressive and humanistic.

It is now generally accepted that a happy and satisfied workforce is best for business – to make sure that their employees are happy and satisfied businesses now offer a number of incentives.

Almost every major multinational corporation offers incentive programmes. Why is that? Why are businesses willing to pay the additional expense and go through all that hassle?

Here are 6 ways wellness adventure trips benefits a business:

1. Motivation

One of the first and most obvious advantages of offering incentives trips is that motivation and morale of the employees are increased. Problems of employee burnout are common in today’s workplaces.

But incentive trips that focus on getting back to nature and are focused around wellbeing employees are recharged and refreshed – ready to tackle work with renewed vigour when they leave.

2. Productivity

Wellness retreats are at their core about boosting physical health and wellbeing which has a direct link to productivity. By boosting their productivity it increases business productivity.

Releasing the stress and tension of the workforce in healthy ways is crucial for maintaining and improving your productivity and boosting the bottom line, as employees work with increased-energy to achieve targets.

3. Team spirit

Company-wide adventure trips are the most organic ways to foster natural teamwork and camaraderie among employees. Roughing it out in a serene wild park on a camping trip, or a trip to the beach with outdoor team adventure activities will engender real friendship and closeness between colleagues.

All this translates to much more cooperation, openness, and amenability when working together in the workplace.

4. Competition

The incentive offers healthy competition in the workplace. If it is based on achieving certain targets and goals, it engenders and promotes competition between employees. Nobody likes stagnancy in the workplace and competition is the flame which keeps progress alive.

5. Cost savings

Incentive trips and events programmes are often much more cost-effective than traditional monetary motivational programmes, which are largely rolled out across the employee body at large which can amount to a significant expense.

If incentive trips are limited to a certain number of trips or are offered to a certain number of people, they can be comparatively inexpensive. Even if it is a company-wide retreat or vacation, a business can get better rates and save money through professional networking and connections or discounts.

Post-trip, employees are likely to take fewer days off since their holiday or relaxation needs have been fulfilled.

6. Profit

With adventure and wellness travel incentives in the picture, numerous business goals can be achieved, including success, growth, healthy work environment, motivated and productive workforce, loyalty – and the list goes on. This is how adventure and wellness travel incentives programmes add value to business goals.

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