About Fit for Living

Fit for Living aims to inspire and help people to accomplish their dreams, and feel their ultimate best.

Fit for Living was started by Liz Barker personal trainer, boxer, adventurepreneur, travel gypsy and badass adventure sports woman. Liz grew up on adventures, sports, the great outdoors, oceans and a burning desire for travel. Liz started Fit for Living to share her two passions in life, fitness & adventure travel. What is Fit for Living? It’s a fitness holiday company with a difference.  You won’t find any bootcamp style fitness on one of our retreats, you will test and push your fitness but do it having the best time ever. Whether you are a season pro or a total newbie we will ensure you have an adventure of a lifetime. Our aim to give you loads of takeaways you can implement back home to help you be as healthy as you can possible be in body and mind, enabling you to live the life you want, do the things you love and accomplish your dreams and most importantly to be happy!

We all have goals and Fit for Living encourage setting those goals. But we also want you to have dreams! When we dream, we tend to think of things that are outside of our realm of achievement. We encourage you to think of things that you may otherwise just toss aside. Liz wanted to show people being fit and healthy should not just be about looking good in the buff. Fitness needs a meaningful long-term goal. It is about finding what you are passionate about and making that the focus, then – trust us – the benefits including aesthetics will come. If you get down to the root of it the main thing people want isn’t a great body. it’s happiness. This ethos is at the core of all Fit for Living’s coaching. Liz and the team will immerse you in health improving experience for both body and mind all backed up by the latest science.

As well as personal training in London and online lifestyle coaching Liz wanted to create something truly unique and take people on a life changing adventures. Liz started Fit for Living Retreats, they focusing on physical and mental wellbeing and learning new skills to take home in the some of the World’s most iconic destinations. Fortify your body with personalized fitness training and outdoor adventure. Enjoy unhurried consults with world-class experts in the fields of nutrition, fitness, holistic practices and sports performance. Indulge on nutritious cuisine, and learn how to cook that way at home. Share an amazing adventure with like minded souls and make friendships that will last forever. You will leave feeling charged, healthy and invigorated by the experience of a lifetime



Hi, I’m Liz,

Welcome to Fit for Living. A platform from which I created to share my two passions in life with you, fitness and adventure.

I grew up on adventures, sports, the outdoors, oceans and a burning desire for travel. I am a full-on adrenaline junkie, I snowboard, wakeboard, surf and kite surf, and I am currently learning to paraglide!

I truly believe we are all capable of achieving anything we dream of. I love pushing myself physically and mentally; that’s when I find out the most interesting things about myself and when I learn and grow into the person I want to be. I am an amateur boxer and have represented London several times which is something I never thought I would do. I took up boxing at 31, relatively late in life. Having never donned a pair of gloves before, I was taken aback with the passion I found for this new sport. Its taught me so much inside and outside of the ring and that personal growth continues even now but that’s a whole other story!

I have spent my entire working life working in the health and fitness and adventure sports industries. I have worked seasons in the Alps, managed some of London’s top gyms and boutiques gyms including GYMBOX . I started my own an outdoor clothing brand called Bombr. I opened and co-owed City Strongman and London’s The Foundry. Now through Fit for Living I hope to build a platform from which I can share everything I’ve learned and am passionate about. I want to take you on the best adventure and inspire and teach you how improving your health and fitness can empower you to achieve anything you want.

Find your passion in life, live a life you love and health and happiness will all follow.


Liz Barker, Founder of Fit for Living