About Fit for Living


Fit for Living was started by Liz Barker personal trainer, boxer, adventurepreneur, travel gypsy and badass adventure sportswoman. Liz grew up on adventures, sports, the great outdoors, oceans and a burning desire for travel. After spending over 15 years in London managing for GYMBOX and co-owning her own gym The Foundry she found herself surrounded by people suffering from city stress. Liz started Fit for Living to share her two passions in life, fitness & adventure and use it help people improve both their physical and mental wellbeing.

What is Fit for Living?

It’s a fitness company with an adventurous side. Whether you join Fit for Living’s coaching programme or an adventure retreat, it’s our mission to positively improve your quality of life combing balanced expert advice on physical and mental wellbeing to transform your life – for good. You’ll improve your fitness levels, boost your metabolism, increase energy levels, feel stronger in body and mind, plus understand how to sustain your mental and physical wellbeing.

We all have goals, Fit for Living will encourage setting those goals, but we also want you to have dreams! When we dream, we tend to think of things that are outside of our realm of achievement. here we encourage you to think of things that you may otherwise just toss aside. Liz wanted to show people being fit and healthy should not just be about looking good in the buff. Fitness needs a meaningful long-term goal. It is about finding what you are passionate about and making that the focus, then – trust us – the benefits including aesthetics will come. If you get down to the root of it the main thing people want isn’t a great body, it’s happiness. This ethos is at the core of all Fit for Living’s coaching. Liz and the team will immerse you in a health improving experience for the both body and mind all backed up by the latest science.

As well as personal training in London and online lifestyle coaching Liz wanted to create something truly unique and take people on a life-changing adventures. Liz started Fit for Living Retreats – focused on physical and mental wellbeing, aquiring new skills to take home in some of the world’s most iconic destinations. Fortify your body with personalised fitness training and outdoor adventure. Enjoy unhurried consults with world-class experts in the fields of nutrition, fitness, holistic practices, and sports performance. Indulge in nutritious cuisine, and learn how to cook that way at home. You will leave feeling charged, healthy and invigorated by the experience of a lifetime.

Everyone is different and understanding this is the reason why we get such good results. Anyone that comes to us will receive an initial consultation focusing on diet, fitness, blood profiling, and testing. This allows us to build an in-depth picture and provides the stimulus for us to personalise coaching to achieve great results.


We have handpicked and curated and the ultimate All-Star team. The people who deliver every aspect of our services from transport to coaching and guiding are integral to our success. Each one of the team is top of their game with buckets of knowledge, skills, and experience combined with inspiring personalities.

Liz is the founder of Fit for Living and a personal trainer, boxer, and badass adventure sportswoman. Liz grew up on adventures, sports, the outdoors, oceans and a burning desire for travel. Liz has spent 17 years working in the health and fitness and adventure sports industries. She has worked seasons in the Alps, managed some of London’s top gyms including GYMBOX. She started her own outdoor clothing brand called Bombr, and co-owned City Strongman and London’s The Foundry. Liz is based in London but comes out on every retreat with the team.

Richie has spent the last 8 years working alongside professional athletes and some of the most respected pioneers of human performance. Experimenting with meditation, breath work, movement and brain training, his coaching will take you on a journey of self discovery. Richie’s teachings will align your mental focus with your physical control to maximise results. His in-depth knowledge and detailed demonstrations will give you valuable tools to take your performance and productivity to the next level in every aspect of life.

Lu is a highly experienced Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. As a Therapist, Lu has worked in several multidisciplinary clinics and gyms as well as within the world of elite international rugby including England 7’s squad and pre and post-match treatments for the England 15’s. Lu is also a qualified Polestar Pilates Instructor complimenting her work as a Sports Rehabilitator. In October 2017 Lu and her husband moved to Morzine in the French Alps to make a life in the mountains and we are stoked to still be working with her out here.

Uju is a BTBC Level 5 qualified Sports, Remedial and Pregnancy Massage Therapist specialising in Myofascial Release, Anatomy Trains, Alignment Somatics Functional Range Conditioning and OMT Medical Acupuncture. Uju’s magic hands always make us feel amazing after a treatment and she also works with clients to help aid longer-term recovery giving personalised corrective rehabilitation exercises. Uju is also an experienced level 3 Personal Trainer, which is a great advantage when treating clients on the couch and getting them moving again.

Molly trained as a chef in Australia and studied Nutrition underneath Lee Holmes, the celebrity Nutritionist, Chef and Author. Molly has helped develop new sport specific food products and menus. Molly also see’s clients one-one for personalised consultations and meal plans.