Blood & DNA Testing

DNA Testing

Woking with a leading provider of fitness and nutrition genetics we use DNA testing to unlock a new world of personalised information about your completely unique fitness and nutrition genotype so you can to be better informed than ever before. The test is a home home salvia test kit which you post pack direct to the UK laboratory and the results take around 10 days. The tests reveal everything and we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your macro and micronutrient needs, alongside your response to power or endurance exercise and recovery and then use this to refine your exercise and nutrition plan to pursue your goals, whatever they may be.

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Food Intolerance Testing

Liz is a practitioner for Brunel Health and offers the Brunel Health Food Intolerance Testing service which is different from other food intolerance testing services as it tests food and drinks individually not mixtures which allow for more easily identifiable triggers and dietary changes. The test covers 134 food and drink reactions and is done via an easy finger-prick collection so can be arranged remotely, the turnaround time for results is 3 days on receipt of the sample. Click the link below to download some more information on it.  The cost is £249.


Blood Profiling

Liz. also works with a London based laboratory and can offer other blood tests and be profiling specific to client needs. All these tests and prices are available on request. Please contact Liz directly for more information.

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