When was the last time you completely forgot about your phone or didn’t check your emails every 5 minutes?

For most of us we never have our phone far from our hands. I am not saying we need to stop using them, far from it, I am as guilty as anyone of over using my mobile. I regularly find myself scrolling and I actually don’t even know why I am doing it, I reckon I can easily waste an hour or 2 a day doing this.  Just think what could be done with that time.

Phones instantly take us out of the moment. 

When we glance down to see if anyone has commented on an Instagram post or when we refresh our email just because, it takes us instantly away from what is happening right now.

One of the best ways I think to get away from our phones is to be in nature. First up, we often don’t get good reception, which forces us to put away our phones and soak in the beauty around us and be present with our friends around us.  Some of my best conversations and friendships have taken place on the mountain.

Today whilst snowboarding in some amazing powder with friends, I cursed as my  phone battery kept dying in the cold, meaning I couldn’t take pictures of the epic scenery.  However, it did mean I just enjoyed the moment, having the best time and I laughed so hard today. Sometimes we forget to enjoy the moment as we are to busy focusing on capturing the moment to just enjoy it instead. Be present. Live in it. Snap a mental picture to take you back to it in years to come. Let that memory be of how fully you experienced that event at the time, with all your senses.

Get out this weekend and do something that makes you forget to check your phone.