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Unique corporate experiences developing staff and push the ultimate in team performance.


Organisations are facing greater responsibility for their employees’ well-being, both in and outside of the working environment. Healthier employees contribute to, among other things, reduced absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, increased productivity, energy, reduced stress and ultimately improved business performance.

Companies that invest in the health of their staff:

We provide on and offsite options to suit any workplace:

Bespoke retreats

Workshops and seminars

Wellness clinics

DNA fitness & diet test and blood tests

Nutrition & lifestyle coaching

Fitness classes


Long hours and heavy workloads are common in the workplace these days leading to increased levels of stress in the workplace. Our adventure holidays  offer the ideal solution in creating the opportunity to completely detach from the stress and strain of your daily routine and focus on your health and well-being. People return back to work re-energised and focused. 

We host corporate events in extraordinary environments and use adventure as a vehicle to build stronger teams in and outside the workplace. 

Mental performance and wellness is affected by a variety of health factors, including sleep, nutrition, exercise, state of mind and physical environment. On our coreporate retreats, we provide education in all these areas delivering information in a very practical and easy to understand format empowering our clients to make positive and lasting lifestyles changes when they return home.


We have a selection of concepts to ignite your adventure spark but prefer to work with you on a completely bespoke event so that we can build it around your company, your culture, your vision, and budget.

An example day’s itinerary:

5am    Early rise and don’t worry we will have coffee waiting for you. We will hike up the mountain for sunrise and then enjoy yoga on top of the world!

7am    Return to the chalet for a breakfast feast prepared and cooked by our nutritionist and chef.

9am    Set out for a canyoning adventure.

12pm  Lunch by a beautiful mountain lake and chance to swim for those that wish.

2pm    Back to the chalet to kick back enjoy a hot tub or put your feet up in a hammock.

4pm   Talk from leading Nutritionist on how to fuel your body and mind.

6pm  Time to enjoy some canapés and chat with the team about any health and fitness related questions you have.

7pm  Sit down to an amazing nutritionally dense dinner cooked by our chef.

9pm  Relax in the lounge and listen to a talk on SLEEPING YOUR WAY TO THE TOP by our fitness expert who explains how sleep above anything else is key to both physical and mental performance.


We will work with you on a completely bespoke programme and build it around your company vision, culture and budget. Get in touch to arrange a complimentary call or face to face consultation to discuss your objectives. 


Suggest us to your company & get the chance to win a free personal holiday for yourself


Leave us the name and email of your Manager/Director and we will get in touch. We’ll do this anonymously if you prefer. If your company book a corporate retreat with us we will give you a free holiday of your choice with Fit for Living or 50% off 2 places on a retreat of your choice.

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On-site corporate wellness 


If a retreat isn’t appropriate for your team but you still want to improve your staff’s health and well-being, then we can offer a range of talks, fitness classes, & wellness clinics at your workplace.



Bespoke Wellness Programmes

Fit for Living can customise and adapt our programmes to suit every business around your company culture, vision, and budget.

Wellness Clinics

We can provide wellness clinic’s on-site, where our team of experts is available to offer staff a range of well-being services, including;

  • Nutrition counseling
  • Fitness & lifestyle coaching
  • Biometrics
  • Blood and DNA testing
  • Massage
  • Physiotherapy

Some of these services are also available remotely too, via our online coaching meaning staff have access to services 24-7.

Workshops & Talks

Our workshops and talks are centred around physical and mental health, backed up by the latest science and a wealth of personal experience from our team. We aim to inspire people and give them tangible takeaways that will empower them to improve their health & wellbeing.

We can produce workshops on wide range of subjects here are a few of our popular ones to give you an idea:

  • Fuelling your body and brain
  • Get your exercise fix
  • Sleep your way to the top
  • How to meditate
  • Stress Less
  • Posture and back pain


A wide range of group exercise and activities can be provided, either as one-off ‘taster’ classes or regular sessions. We have a diverse team and can provide any fitness or holistic classes your team might enjoy; yoga, pilates, boxing or boot-camp style classes posture and alignment or meditation just to name a few.

Most classes can take place within your workplace, provided there is a suitable space or we can help find a convenient location close by we provide any equipment needed.

Charity challenges 

Why not push the boundaries and take your work relationships to the next level and see what you can do as a group on a corporate charity challenge?

We provide a huge range of challenges that can be tailored to your business, whether you want to just try something new or push your team to the extremes. No matter what challenge you and your team want to take on, we will support you all the way, from start to finish, to ensure you get everything you want out of the experience.

Completing this challenge will not only improve your employees as a team and individuals but also gives you the opportunity to support your chosen charity of the year and aiding towards your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Benefits of Fitness for Businesses

Increase work place productivity

Staff sickness and underperformance (due to stress or a lack of motivation) are the greatest factors affecting productivity in the workplace. A wellness retreat offers the opportunity to target these factors for long-term improvement. Through nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation techniques we provide tailor-made programmes, to help companies improve their staff wellbeing to an all-round happier and more productive team.

Builds Staff Camaraderie

Nothing beats the physical and mental challenge of working together on a mountain climb. There is plenty of opportunity to test endurance both of individual and group relationships. You have to work together in these types of environments, discovering your strengths and learning skillsets you may not otherwise have known. These experiences are extremely rewarding and foster teamwork, bonding a team together like no other event. People will have a chance to get to know one another better in a non-work related environment, whilst enhancing their health and wellness.

Gain Your Staffs loyalty

The cost of hiring new employees is far greater than retaining existing ones, and a corporate retreat is the perfect way to invest in your team. Our retreats are tailored to make your team feel valued and appreciated. By investing in current employee satisfaction companies reap the benefits of a happier, more efficient, and motivated staff.

Kick start a healthier lifestyle

Health and wellness seminars, chats over dinner and on hikes with industry experts, fitness classes and outdoor activities combined with relaxing spa therapies and healthy nutrition ensure you return in peak health with lots of takeaways to implement and maintain.