Adventure for all

Adventure is not what we take away – it is what we add

Hi, I am Liz Barker Founder of Fit for Living. I am on a mission to do it all, inspiring others to see that with passion and dedication, you can do ANYTHING. I want to empower disadvantaged/disengaged youth, helping to turn their lives around and overcome their challenges and connect them to the transformative power of the outdoors. I want to inspire confidence and help them see the exciting possibilities available to them.

I grew up adventuring and it’s really helped shape who I am. As an adult, it concerns me that there are kids who are denied access to knowledge of amazing places that inspired me so much as a kid growing up. So in July 2018, I piloted our first charitable project on an adventure to Wales, with the help of three amazing friends, Richie Norton, Thomas Cleminson and Mickey Fitz. We documented our adventure in the short film which you can watch via the link above.

Our mission is to use adventure as a vehicle for change and to empower London’s youth, helping find their purpose, discover a new passion and appreciation for life. As well as giving them the confidence to do something they have never done before, we hope they can see there is a bigger world outside of their normal environment.

Escaping from the confines of the concrete jungle we hope to give kids from the inner cities an opportunity to extend their horizons and be exposed to the larger world with limitless potential. Even if most of the kids never go surfing or climb a mountain again, but through the experience, realise they need to work hard at school if they want to go see the world… then it was all worth it. Through this experience, we hope to give them the courage and support to break through barriers and fears that often hold so many kids back from going out there and chasing their dreams.

Get Involved

We are fundraising to grow this project and make it available to more of London’s underprivileged youth, we need support. We are looking for help with financial donations but also if you can gift us with equipment, guiding or transport we would be massively grateful. The sort of things we would love help with are:

  • Vehicle/ minibus hire
  • Surf lessons
  • Mountain bike guiding and bike hire
  • Tents, sleeping bags
  • Camping equipment
  • Hardware
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Make a donation 

If you are an individual who would like to make a donation to this amazing project you can do so by clicking the donate button.

We are grateful for all donations of any amount it all adds up and collective will make a huge difference to these kids lives.

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