I love training to the point where I get bummed if miss a workout which I know is not the case for most people. BUT confession: Sometimes I skip workouts. We’ve all been there; even those among us who identify as gym-junkies and fitness fanatics have had periods when getting to the gym was the absolute last thing we wanted to do. Sometimes that feeling is a message: It could be time to rest, recover, or reduce the intensity with which we exercise or in my case at the moment jet lag has got me all out of sink.

I am not an advocate of the whole “no excuses” as I do believe sometimes life gets in the way and there are valid reasons. The trick is to try and remove the things that stand in the way of us and our workouts. Here are some tips to help.


Ask others to hold you accountable

You have probably heard this before but it really is one of the most effective. I saw this at its best when I was running my own gym The Foundry where we members trained in small groups. They signed up to classes and it went in the diary – you’re expected to attend you gym buddies expect you to turn up.

Also thigs like activity trackers are great from FitBIts to Apple watches. They are a great way of showing you reality of what you are doing and inspiring you to hit your daily target. When using these you can also sign up to a community of users where you can connect with both friends and others from around the world. It adds motivation and support for those who can’t quite make it to a exercise class of gym session and helps you feel supported.

Then like many of my clients who train with me they book in personal training or receive programme and daily support via online coaching. Again another great way to be accountable and ensuing you get the sessions in. It’s all about finding what works for you.


Make it easy


  • If you get up for an early session have you gym kit laid out ready before you go to sleep have a breaky you can grab on the go ready like overnight oats so you can just get up and go! Hell go to sleep in your gym clothes if you need to!
  • Try to find a gym that’s close enough to your home or place of work that getting there isn’t inconvenient.
  • If you train in your lunchbreak of after work, make sure you have a gym kit always at work or in your car so you don’t have to go home first…you know you won’t want to leave the hosue when you get home.


Do something

We tend to think workouts need to need to be an hour long and involve x y and z. You can think if you don’t have the full hour and say only 30mins its not worth doing at all, this isn’t true. If all you’ve got is 10 minutes, use those 10 minutes to move—because yes, it counts. The hardest thing about getting into a fitness routine is making it a habit so hitting the gym and doing something helps build some consistency. Also those 10-20minns where we may have just skipped the gym altogether will add up over the year. Accept things will happen its life you will get stuck with a last minute project deadline or be up all night with your baby spuing all over you or be time pressed when travelling.

If we set out to MOVE consistently, regardless of the length of the workouts and our esact gym routine done every day we will be more likely to form more sustainbable lifestyle habits. , we’ll be more likely to create a sustainable, long term habit. A 15min HIIT session and a brisk walk or just 15 minutes of stretching can be highly effective the more consistently you move, the more movement becomes your norm. Our body’s inherent desire is to move and you will feel better and more energized even from a small amount. So have you moved yet today?