Whether it’s to get a six pack, bikini body or just to cut down on the beer and actually make it to the gym 3-times a week, lots of people find their New Year’s goals hard to stick to. January usually starts off well and then people struggle to maintain their goals, normally because they are unrealistic and their goals don’t fit into their lifestyles.

The best way to set a fitness goal is to do exactly what I would with a PT client – assess your lifestyle.  What hours do you work? When can you fit your sessions in? Does your job involve you going out several nights a week entertaining clients? Or maybe you are a student? We all have different lifestyles. Everyone can create a fitness and nutrition plan, but any plan has to fit in with the way you live your life or else it will go so much against the grain you will get frustrated and not stick with it.

Make a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time ) goal – use the SMART principle. Breakdown your goals into smaller short-term targets, for example, I want to achieve 10 press-ups by the end of the month. Start with one press-up and then increase that by 2-3 reps each week until you have reached your target.

Once you decide your goals, write them down.  Then check them every day and record your progress. Consistency is key and will help you form new habits. A helpful tool I created this year with my friend Lucy is MasterPlanner – it’s a goal setting diary or I like to think of it is as a paper life-coach. I use it not only to organise my day-to-day life but also to keep me on track with my bigger goals I have set myself for the year.  This ensures that my goals fit around my lifestyle.  Check it out if you need some structure to help you achieve your goals.

Writing down your goals and tracking your progress helps keep you accountable to them, that’s the biggest part of my job as a trainer. If you don’t have a trainer, another good way to make yourself accountable is to tell friends and family what you are trying to achieve.  Alternatively find a training partner. If you’re not feeling up to training, but your partner is, you’re not going to want to let him/her down by not showing up – no one wants to be a let down!  Also training with someone is great for pushing you too and way more fun, I would take a partner workout over training on my own any day!

It’s not easy but no goal worth achieving is!  Try these steps and they will help for sure and if you want any further advice or help please get in touch – I would love to hear from you!