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the proactive programme

Do you want to wake up full of energy?

Do you want to feel confident about the way you look?

Do you want to feel less stressed?

If the answer to any of these is yes then check out our ProActive programme!

ProActive is a 12-week wellness programme, direct from industry experts designed to get you in shape of your life.




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Packed full of health and fitness strategies to transform you life.

Leading Experts at an affordable price

A dedicated trainer is still beyond most people’s budget so we have put together a simple 12-week programme where you will have access to our teams’ collective 10’s of thousands of hours of training. As well as our step by exercise, nutrition plans and lifestyle hacks delivered to you by our team of experts you will get access directly to the team via our private Facebook group and you will get a bonus 30-min one to one consultation with one the team.

Science backed information delivered simply

There are lots of online programmes out there now and it pains us to say a lot is BS. We as trainers still find it harder and harder to filter through the vast amount of information out there. But what we do have is the experience of tried and tested methods having worked with hundreds of clients. Drawing on this we will guide and educate you through a wellness programme designed to improve every area of your life and get you the results you want.

The ProAtive programme combines the latest research and proven methods we have used time and time again with hundreds of clients. Translated and broken down into simply so you can incorporate changes easily into your daily life.

360 degree approach

Taking a 360oc approach to health and wellbeing we bring together everything from diet and exercise to sleep we take you step by step through a series of lifestyle habits that after just a few weeks will have you feeling energetic, strong, healthy leaner and happier.

Even better at the end of the challenge, you will have the tools you need to continue to lead a healthier life.

Journey’s shared are more fun

Another important aspect of the programme is the community element. You will have the opportunity to join a group of people all participating in the same challenge, and you can use the group social forum to cheer each other on, help each other when things are tough and share your successes. You will also have access to the Fit for Living team and can chat to us in the group.

the cost of the

12 week programme is

£10 per week



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