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We can tailor your retreat

so you can tailor your future.

Private one to one retreat

Our Reset and Reboot retreat is a private retreat offering a customized experience that focuses specifically on you and your goals.

Whether it’s exercising more, eating better or just doing something different with your life the Reset and Reboot retreat is an ideal way to break the cycle and make that shift. Our team will customise a bespoke programme designed to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Typically, Reset and Reboot retreats are for individuals or small groups set over the course of 2-3 days. The activities are varied and involve your mind, body and soul. It could be sea or land based; it could push you to your limit or you could choose to play it safe. Our only advice is to surprise yourself and choose something that you wouldn’t normally do.

Embrace the adventure! Whatever you choose we will ensure you completely escape your normal routine and spend time in nature. Stepping away from your everyday life to relax and feel restored is no longer seen as an indulgence. Rather, it has become a necessary safety valve in our fast-paced world.

• Private retreat exclusive to you. Your intentions,  your goals.


• Inspirational adventures in nature to re-energise the body and mind.


• Lifestyle, fitness & nutrition coaching based on the latest scientific research.


• Transformational lasting lifestyle change.

Ricki Hall

Ricki Hall is a top male model famous for his beard, tattoos and edgy style. Ricki has amassed some huge campaigns with big name brands such as Lyle and Scott, Diesel, H&M x David Beckham, and Paul Smith. He also has his own beard oil & wax range Booze & Baccy for Captain Fawcett and a clothing range with Indigo Goods Full English Workwear and RH Gym 

Originally from Wolverhampton, Ricki now lives in south London, and has recently just got out of rehab after battling with drink for over 10 year.  In Ricks words, he needed “to show that there are other ways to holiday”.

“Every holiday or getaway or “escape” I’ve had in the past has involved me being messed up and surrounded by drink and I’m sober it’s finding different ways to get those highs that don’t include mind altering substances. Every day we were in Bali we’ve been doing a few different activities, be it scuba diving, working out, surfing, hiking, yoga, mediations etc.. it’s really shown me a whole new side to trip. Thank you to @lizbarker82 for looking after us all and giving me the opportunity to experience all of this on the wonderful island of Bali.”

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Our approach is based on the latest scientific research and designed to work with your everyday life. Reset and Reboot is not extreme, we don’t put our clients on diets or detoxes. The techniques you learn with us are aimed at providing a lifelong model to help you stay in control of your health and weight. Not only improving how you look and feel but keeping you healthy and helping to prevent disease and illness.

Our retreats aim to cover all aspects of healthy living, from good nutrition to better sleep and provide you with tools to improve both your physical and mental fitness. We take a holistic approach ensuring you feel reenergised, in control of your health and wellbeing, and excited about the new lifestyles changes you take home with you.

The ultimate goal of the Reset and Reboot programme is to provide you with an experience that extends beyond our few days together. The reset continues when you get home. That in mind we check in with you upon your return to discuss how you’re integrating changes into your normal routine.

Our promise is that as you make changes, even in a matter of a few weeks, you will be feeling stronger, lighter, more flexible and full of energy. Getting into shape and starting to look, feel and move better isn’t as hard as you think – it starts with eating well, moving more and focussing on YOU­­­­.

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Below is an example day’s itinerary set out to give you an idea of the sort of activities you can expect on Reset and Reboot programme.


Day 1

7am    Morning Yoga session

8am    Breakfast

9am    Health , lifestyle consultation and fitness assessment

11am Mountain biking  a

1pm    Lunch and wild swim in mountain lake

4pm    Free time chance to kick back soak in the scenery or explore on your own

6pm    Nutrition consultation

7:30pm Dinner


Day 2

5am Sunrise hike

10am Breakfast

11am Cooking workshop

1pm Lunch

3pm Free time

5pm Fitness session

7pm Dinner


Day 3

7:30am Meditation

8am Morning fitness session

9am Breakfast

10am SUP (Stand-up paddle board)

1pm Lunch

2pm Goal setting session to get you set to implement some long term lifestyle changes when you get back home.


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