We are beginning 2019 with an influx of clients signing up to the ProActive programme with motivation and good intention high. It’s common for people to come with a simple goal of losing weight after the festive indulgence. People also tend to think that achieved just through eating better or exercising more, that is definitely true and a great start but to make a real change you need more than this which is what we coach on the course and we want to share a little of this with you.
The changes you make need to be achievable but enough to create a change. So many of us go all out and go from zero to 100mph so it’s not surprising we fall away from our good intentions just a few weeks into the New Year, research shows just 9% of us achieve our new year’s fitness resolutions.

You need to look a combination of lifestyle habits and although that may sound like more work, but a combination of nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration and wellness habits work together to create lasting, effective change like none of them individually ever could.

So we encourage you to take a moment to assess your goals and what you are doing to achieve them. Make sure you are looking after all areas of your health and wellbeing. If you want to find out more check out the ProActive programme and why not sign up to our free ProActive mini course to get you started.