Staff wellbeing is sometimes thought of as a nice to have rather than a must-have. If you put off employee wellness initiatives until you’re “big enough” or “ready for them,” it will already be too late. Staff wellbeing and employee performance are linked. A culture of wellness actually drives results by helping to create an engaged workforce. Engaged teams have been shown to outperform competitors in categories like productivity, profit, and employee retention.

Here are some ideas which are good for businesses both big and small, all of which work toward the end-game of a happier, more engaged office.

1. Keep your office kitchen stocked with healthy snacks and fresh options.

There are so many companies and products out there catering to the health food market it’s easier to source healthier snacks. Also, don’t neglect the need to throw in fresh food like fruit bowls.

2. Get out the office for meetings – walk and talk!

It’s a great way to get the blood flowing and take people out of their traditional environment, consider holding your next meeting on-the-go.

3. Pay for your employees’ gym memberships or put on a fitness class on site.

Encouraging employees to use the gym by offering to subsidise or pay for a gym membership. Companies like Gympass are great as they offer employees a choice of which gym they wish to go to. Or if you have space put on fitness classes in the office.

4. Meditation classes

Stress is a cause of a lot of health problems and can lead to poor performance at work and at worst it can cause people to take long times off form illness. Meditation and other mindfulness techniques have been shown to help reduce stress. Lot’s of people new to mediation don’t know where to start and find it hard to do so providing a guided class is a great way to help staff.

5. Encourage employees to keep track of their activity level.

Fitness trackers are perfect gifts to promote wellness. They can also be used to track office fitness competitions.

6. Set up some standing desks

Adjustable standing desks work in preventing back pain and other health problems associated with being totally sedentary. While some might be hesitant to such an arrangement at first, you might be surprised at how much workers warm up to them.

7. Encourage frequent brain breaks.

Don’t just allow workers to step away from their desks: encourage it. In fact, frequent breaks promote productivity versus trying to power through a mental plateau. As highlighted in many of our employee wellness ideas, there’s more to modern work than staying glued to your desk.

8. Offer health and wellness workshops.

Running regular staff wellbeing workshops like, how to eat better or how to get better sleep can help educate employees on how to live a healthier life. knowledge is power!

9. Provide bike racks.

If bike racks are set up bike racks outside more employees would be motivated to ride a bike to work

10. Have company sports teams.

Corporate recreational teams are fun and there are lots of events to get involved in whether it’s entering a team it a fun obstacle race or participating in events playing teams of other companies within your area. They are great fun and build camaraderie.

We will finish by asking you does “wellness” mean anything to you and your team? It should do if you want to attract top talent, reduce turnover, boost productivity and morale. When your office makes a conscious effort to focus on employee wellness, these are the upsides you can look forward to.

To get the best out of your team, managers need to rethink what wellness means in the workplace. For more advice or to info out about Fit for Living’s corporate wellness services please get in touch and I can arrange a FREE company health audit.