Fit for Living offers something truly unique and are so much more than a fitness holiday.

You will make lasting transformations for your body and mind and share an amazing adventure with like-minded souls, making friendships that will last forever.  You will leave feeling charged, healthy and invigorated by the experience of a lifetime.

We will take you on an adventure to some of the most amazing places on the planet. We focus on physical and mental wellbeing and learning new skills to take home so it really is a life changing adventure.  We take your fitness training to new places, who needs a gym when you have an ocean or mountain to play on! Or a yoga studio when you have a cliff top! Enjoy unhurried consults and informal chats on hikes and over dinner with our world-class fitness and nutrition experts. Indulge on nutritious cuisine, and learn how to cook that way at home. You will will leave with new superpowers, feeling rebalanced, charged and totally awesome!

So why come on a retreat with us?


You are gonna get doped! Adventure sports induce a dopamine release in the brain same feeling you get when you have sex…now we have your attention! You gain so much from adventure sports physically, emotionally and psychologically health.  Get yourself out of your comfort zone and see how far you can really go. Nothing compares to the feeling of conquering a challenge you thought you’d never manage like climbing a mountain or paragliding off one! You will discover so much about yourself and overcome negative thoughts and self doubts plus learn a new skill for life!


Unlike most companies we prefer to work with smaller numbers so we can deliver a personalised approach. Most of our retreats are capped at 12 people and instruction is always based on 4-6 people per instructor depending on what activity we are doing. Meaning you will always get the most out of your experience.And what about if you are single or don’t know anyone else coming? Not a problem, the majority of people who come on our retreats are solo and whilst we know going on a holiday with a bunch of strangers can be daunting. We aim to bring like-minded people together and we are certain you will feel right at home from the start and make friendships that last a lifetime.


Our retreats are designed for busy people, we have handpicked our retreats locations in some of most extraordinary  environments but have ensure that they are always easy to get to, with short transfer times and often being run over a long weekend so you don’t need to use all your holiday days up.


Adventure does not have to mean sacrificing luxury and we make sure that after a big day on the mountain you come back to great dinner and comfort. Working up a real sweat can be followed by a cool down with massages, great food, log fires, hot tubs and comfy beds to crash out in after a long, exhausting day of fun.

  • Your own room if you want it
  • Free high speed wi-fi and Satellite TV
  • Comfy beds and fluffy towels
  • Beautiful gardens and outdoor space


Join in with as many of the fitness and yoga session as you like. If you don’t want to come on a sunrise hike and instead hit snooze and lay-in that’s cool, its your holiday.  Same with food, yes we serve healthy grub but plenty of it and there will be dessert. Some clients drink and some don’t but those that want it it’s on the table go ahead and pour yourself a glass. We won’t judge, its all about balance and it is your holiday after all! We want you to love your time with us and that means something different for everyone.


For less than the cost of a pack of 10 personal training sessions you will get so much more. First up you are going on a holiday of a lifetime, then there are the hours you are putting in not on the treadil but hiking up a mountain or skiing down it… you will do way more than 10 hours of training and it will be much more fun too. But the massive benefit is the time  you will get with our trainers. You have the whole week to pick their brains chatting over dinner or on a hike – you can have acces to someof the best in the world.  We also offer 1-1 conslusts during your trip or before if you would rather. You will get lots to takeaway from it and be motivated and supercharged to implement everything you learn when you get back home.

So what are you waiting for – join us!

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What to expect?



What is fitness for if we never put it into action! We have hand picked our locations, from mountains to the surf, the scenery breath-taking and the adventures unforgettable. Zero experience is required but equally with our small groups and ratio of people to instructors we cater for the pro’s too. We will take you skiing, surfing, mountain biking, cliff jumping, climbing and summit mountains at sunrise with you. Whichever adventure you join us on know you are in safe hands and will have the time of your life and will be going home with new skills and possible an adventure addiction 🙂

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Your nutrition is important to us. We cater for individual dietary requirements and ensure you are fed good amounts of delicious and nutrient dense food to fuel your activities. We aim to educate you on making the right choices when you get home. We provide a nutritional workshop on every retreat, and offer 1-1 consultation and loads of little nuggets of info throughout your stay. We want you to leave us feeling confident about how to maintain a healthy attitude towards food. And don’t worry for those that want it there will be wine and some deliciously good for your desserts. As we said we are all about balance and it is your holiday after all!



Summiting a mountain for sunrise or looking over the ocean in a yoga session at sunset their will be plenty of moments to escape. We can teach you meditation techniques, tips for getting a better nights sleep and also just being in these incredible environments does so much for the body and mind you can be sure you will leave feel refreshed and recharged.



In addition to the days adventuring, we offer fitness sessions, pilates ad yoga sessions with our amazing and highly experienced trainers. All training is outdoors and we show you workouts you can do at home and incorporate into busy lifestyles.

If you are feeling out of condition and want to kick-start your regime you have come to the right place. You will have an action packed few days to get you going but also enough time and space to get you head into the right mind-set to make long term changes.

You will also receive an 1-1  consultation where we discuss your fitness training and nutrition, this can be done on the trip or you can request it before of after if you prefer.



We have stunning panorama views, outdoor hotubs and beautiful gardens to relax and play in. We can arrange massages on site and wine will not be banned. We have action packed days but there will be an equal measure of chill time, it’s a holiday after all! On the last night we usually all go out for dinner and a few drinks somewhere to celebrate the end of out awesome adventure.